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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hold it: BhartiArtl–Stop Loss Adjusted


So it hit the stop loss as given last time, I do not want to take external factors into account for the today’s fall but yes cannot totally deny them as well. The sentiment has turned very negative and day traders are scared by the move. Still I see Bharti in the “out of risk” zone or “safe zone” read it whatever way it makes you comfortable..

This is what I am looking at which keeps me comfortable in holding my positions when I am targeting a long term call.

PS.: Calculate your risk before you take any decision.

Current Status: HOLD

hold it

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buy BhartiArtl with all the money that you got


It’s a low risk call and its just about to take off. The perfect setup in a very long time on this counter. Perfect points and very high volume on point 5 makes it just a piece of cake. Target could be as high as 550 but first 400 will come :-)

BHARTI AIRTEL - BUY at 300 , STOP 275 , Target 375, 400, 425, 440, 500, 550 - Duration 90 - 120 days


Thursday, May 24, 2012

BHARTIARTL–Stop Loss saved by few paisa


BHARTIARTL tested is deepest bottom and bounced back, just 55 paisa above the stop loss. Day’s low was 280.55 while the STOP was at 280. Look the bounce back of over 4% to take it back to 294. Still below the entry price… add more and keep the stop of 280 in your mind. If broken then dont think much before closing your position.

All the best

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

India Stock Calls using WolfeWave – UPDATE With Charts

Calls were given here on 24th April, 2012 and here is how they look today on chart

BHARTI AIRTEL - BUY above 305 , STOP 280 , Target 375, 400, 425, 440 - Duration 90 days



RELIANCE COMMUNICATION - BUY 78 , STOP 73 , Target 93 - Duration 45 days



RELIANCE INFRA - BUY 530 , STOP 515 , Target 605, 620  - Duration 15-20 days



TATA MOTORS - SELL 310 , STOP 325 , Target 255 - Duration 15-20 days

STATUS – Hold , Do not enter new trade


TATA POWER - SELL 102 , STOP 109 , Target 90 - Duration 2-4 days (could be Intraday as well)

STATUS – Target Hit (Closed)


TATA STEEL - SELL 463 , STOP 481 , Target 415 - Duration 15-20 days

STATUS – Target HIT (Closed)


TATA MOTORS DOWN 7%–Approaching target of 255


When I said that TATAMOTORS will go down to near 255 levels than people asked me really – 18% ? Can it go down that way, I was calm and said – yeah :)

Today after many days of gradual decline it had fallen suddenly near 7% and holding it there… I won’t suggest new entrants now but continue holding your existing sell positions. Here is the current position of the profit and loss.

Continue holding BHARTIARTL and add more near 295-300 levels with a STRICT STOP @ 280


Monday, May 14, 2012

India Stock Calls–UPDATE #3


4 trades closed and only 2 running… one at cost while other in deep profit… take some profit and wait with the rest in hand


Tata Power–Target Hit, Trade Closed


I had given the target of 90 in TATAPOWER, day’s lowest point today is 90.70 which is just 0.70 point above. I am considering this trade closed and target met. Please close all your trades in TATA POWER. It may go down further but the trade is done.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

India Stock Calls–UPDATE #2


Here is another update on the status of calls… TATASTEEL made a low of 414.25 while the target was 415, it touched it in exact 15 days after the call was given. Rest other calls are in good profit too except Bharti which is dragging due to entire market sentiment. Keep holding Bharti and take some profit in TATAPOWER while continue holding TATAMOTORS


Monday, May 7, 2012

Status Update on last calls–India Stock Calls


My first attempt to give stock specific calls… though I did not traded them I shared them for people who had asked for it. They were in much more profit at the opening but I am giving you the status of them at present.



Keep holding the in profit positions and close the stop loss hit ones if not done already